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Hey there! Whether by choice or by chance, you've found MY TRAIL. Located in northeast Ohio, on the south shore of Lake Erie, my trail walks are the focus of SEEN ALONG THE TRAIL. If you love nature and enjoy spending time walking the trails in your neighborhood and beyond, I hope you will take a break from what you were doing, make yourself comfortable, and join me for a virtual trail walk. Thanks for visiting my site. It's always good to have someone sharing the trail with me. If you enjoy your virtual trail walk and would like to see regular updates on the happenings along the trail, you'll find them on my blog. ~Trail Walker

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Feature Gallery: Fabulous Faces

The current feature gallery: Fabulous Faces, showcases two of my favorite trailwalking activities: photographing dogs and meeting people. I love dogs! When I meet a stranger walking along the trail with his or her dog, we usually pause for a little conversation, and often a photo opp. Dog walkers love their pets, and I've never had one refuse to pose for a picture with their furry friend. Not all the Fabulous Faces include dogs however. Sometimes, when I meet someone interesting on the trail,  I will request a photo opp. If they agree, I tell them about this website and give them a card with the address, so they can look for their picture online.  Combining photography with trailwalking has added an unexpectedly rich dimension to my walks, and sometimes I even find a new friend.

Beaux & Phyllis

Beaux & Phyllis

I met this charming pair in Chagrin River Park on February 13, 2017. Beaux is a very sweet little rescue dog. It was my pleasure to meet them, and I hope they like their pictures.

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